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SFInfoCap Inc.

Sharing dreams, hopes and passion. 
Resonating with gratification and happiness.

Helping all people in the world to unfold their dreams, hopes and potential infinitely.

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Business Consulting

​Business Matching & Expansion on China Market​


Collaborating with local tax accountant, Judicial scrivener and CPA


Real Estate Investment & Management One-Stop service


International Assets Management & Allocation

Made In Japan OEM on China Market 


Accommodation Business

Hotel & Private Lodging Business

Consulting, operation agent and planning for accommodation business with invested real estate in Japan


Restaurant service

Restaurant & Cafe & Bar

Consulting, operation agent and 

planning for restaurant service with invested real estate in Japan

Contact us

​​SFInfoCap Inc.

​HigashiNakano 4-15-2, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0003



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